Concrete Primer D-41
  • Specification:


    CHEMIX CONCRETE PRIMER is a cold applied, general purpose roofing primer formulated with highly pliable, flexible bitumen, select petroleum solvents and compounded with wetting and saturation additives.


    CHEMIX CONCRETE PRIMER is suitable for concrete, smooth asphalt roofs, brick and metal surfaces, used as the prime coat prior to installation of any membrane.


    Select solvent allows for optimum penetration of CHEMIX CONCRETE PRIMER into the surface pores, pin holes and cracks. Absorbs the existing dust and scale thus the resulting surface permits the proper bonding of self-adhesive as well as touchable membranes, in addition to any other bituminous adhesives and coatings.


    The surface must be thoroughly cleaned, and all dust, dirt, loose coatings, oil or greasy substances removed. Concrete must be completely cured and dried prior to priming. CHEMIX CONCRETE PRIMER should be allowed to dry before application of subsequent coat / membrane. It can be applied with a roofing brush, roller, squeegee, or airless spray equipment at the recommended coverage rate.


    4 hours to touch.

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