Anionic Bitumen Emulsion SS1 H
  • Specification:

    Description and Physical Properties:

    SS-1h is an anionic slow setting asphalt emulsion designed for use as a tack coat, in fine-graded mixes, dust control, 
    fog seal and specialty applications. It is formulated with a harder base (lower penetration) than SS-1 for use in 
    warmer climates. 


    Physical Properties:

    Boiling Point (F):              212ºF

    Specific Gravity (H20=1): 1.01

    Percent Volatile:              0

    Solubility In Water:           Soluble

    Appearance and Odor:      Brown Liquid, Faint Petroleum Odor

    Flammability:                    Non-flammable in water-based state


    Recommended Use:

    SS-1h emulsions are used for a variety of purposes. Slow setting emulsions are the most stable of emulsions, and generally can be diluted with water and mixed with mineral fillers and aggregates For all paving uses, the air and pavement temperatures at construction should be sufficiently high to allow the emulsion to fully cure. 


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