Chemix WB-30 (Foundation Coating)
  • Specification:


    Chemix WB-30 is one component water based high solid content bitumen emulsion that when applied, obtains a damp proof protective coating. It gives a continuous barrier to the passage of water and water vapor. It dries quickly and acts as a protective and curing material for all cementitious substrates, masonry, and brick walls.

    Chemix WB-30 could also be used as a primer and adhesive for a wide range of torch applied bituminous membranes, and for under cladding works for facades.

    Chemix WB-30 could also used as a curing compound for the concrete which is supposed to be buried (like foundation) if coated just after the final set of the concrete takes place, and thus Chemix WB-30 gives a free cost save for its user.


    • Water proofing for foundations and all underground works.
    • As a primer for all reinforced bituminous membrane isolation systems.
    • As a curing agent for underground concrete.
    • For all cladding works under marble and metal sections finishing.


    • Good adhesion to most construction substrates.
    • Non Flammable.
    • Could be applied over green concrete and damp surfaces.
    • Asbestos free
    • Easy to apply, one component.
    • Fast drying.
    • Safe, as it is water based.
    • Economical, especially if used as a curing and damp proof agent in a time.
    • Resists chloride ion, and sulfates attack.

    Standard Compliance

    Chemix WB-30 complies with the following ASTM standards D 4479, D70 ASTM C309 Water retention requirement as a curing compound


    20 Kg pail & 200 Kg drums. 

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