Chemix Tack Coat C50B5
  • Specification:


    Chemix C50B5 is a cationic bitumen emulsion which complies with grade C50B5 of EN 13808:2005. It has been designed for use as a surface treatment tack coat bitumen emulsion.

    Chemix C50B5 is manufactured by Chemix Emulsion Co. Wll accredited to ISO 9001:2008.


    The design and implementation of surfacing using Chemix C50B5 should be carried out in accordance with BS 594987 and Design Manual for Roads and Bridges Volume 7 Section 5 Part 2: HD 37/99. In addition, Chemix C50B5 is specified as a permitted option for use as part of certain Thin Surface Course Systems to SHW Clause 942. For use in these applications, reference should be made to the relevant BBA HAPAS certification.


    Chemix C50B5 is not classified as hazardous to health or the environment. For further information refer to our relevant Material Safety Data Sheet.


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